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Highcliffe Bowling Club was formed in October 1975 with 88 inaugural members (paying a subscription of £1-00 ).
Initially the Club shared the pavilion with other community organisations but soon these either moved away or amalgamated with Highcliffe Bowling Club.
In April 2008 the Club entered into a lease arrangement with Christchurch Borough Council and then became responsible for the pavilion and the green. Upkeep of the pavilion and green is carried out by volunteer members.
The Club is managed by its Management Committee consisting of the primary officers of the Club, again all volunteers and elected each year at the AGM.
We have generally been able to maintain our membership over the years and currently have 130 full Bowling Members.
The Management Committee meets regularly and is able to keep our subscription rates at a competitive level while ensuring the Club remains financially sound.
The subscription levied allows Bowling Members full use of the green and facilities with no further green fees payable.
The Club was "Highly Commended" in the prestigious 2011 Drakes Pride Bowls England Club of the Year competition, and recently received a glowing report from Bowls England for the quality of the green.
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