New Forest

Mens Division 2 Winners
Mens Division 3 Runners up

Bowls Hampshire
Pairs Area Finalist - Ian Chapman and Keith Allen

New Forest

Singles Plate Finalist Winner - David Bradley Brock

George Sumner Cup Over 65s Finalists - Ian Chapman / Keith Allen

Basset Trophy Event - Runners up -Jane Seal, Julie Keeton, Janet Ramsay.

Bournemouth and District

Officers Cup Singles Finalist - David Keeton

Bowls Hampshire

Senior Fours - Finalist - Janet Ramsay, Heather Maltby, Rose Farge , Julie Keeton

Bowls Hampshire
Fours Area Finalists – Ian Chapman/ Mal Knight/ Keith Allen/ Paul Maltby
Pairs Area Finalists – Janet Ramsay/ Jane Seal
Triples Area Finalists – Isobel Walker/ Pat Jolley/ Janet Emerson
Senior Fours Area Finalists – Janet Ramsay/ Heather Maltby/ Jane Seal/ Janet Emerson
New Forest
Officers Cup Singles Finalist Winner – Mal Knight
Pairs Finalists – Paul Maltby/ Mal Knight
Pairs Plate Finalists Winners – Tom Willoughby/ John Nicholls
Triples Finalists Winners – Kathy Smith/ Pat Jolley/ Janet Emerson
Ladies League : A League Winners
Ladies League : C League Winners
Bournemouth and District
Officers Cup Singles Finalist - Mal Knight
Championships Singles Finalist – Isobel Walker
Championships Triples Finalists – Janet Ramsay/ Heather Maltby/ Jane Seal
Men’s League : Section 4 Triples Runners Up
Other Competitions
Mitchells Trophy – New Milton BC Mixed Pairs Open :
Winners : Mal Knight/ Jane Seal
Runners up: Ian Chapman/ Isobel Walker
3rd Place: Paul Maltby/ Heather Maltby
Bowls Hampshire
Two woods singles area finalist runner up – Mal Knight
Pairs area finalists - Janet Ramsey, Jane Seal
Awarded county badge – Jane Seal
New Forest
President’s trophy runners up - Men
A team: runners up division 4 - Men
B team: winners division 5 - Men
1st team: winners A league - Ladies
3rd team: runners up C league - Ladies
Shield awarded for best league results - Ladies
Bournemouth and District league
1st team: runners up section 4 - Men
1st team: winners B league - Ladies
Bournemouth and District triples league
A team: runners up section 1
B team: winners’ section 3
Christchurch cup winners against Iford Bridge
Bowl Hampshire
Senior fours area winners – Janet Ramsay, Jenny Wilson, Jane Seal, Janet Emerson
Triples finalists runners up – Janet Ramsay, Isobel Walker, Jane Seal
Benevolent triples runners up – Jenny Wilson, Pat Jolley, Janet Emerson
Outstanding services award – Betty Blunden
New Forest
Two-day triple winners NFWBA – Janet Ramsay, Isobel Walker, Jane Seal
Jubilee triples runners up NFWBA - Janet Ramsay, Heather Maltby, Jane Seal
1st team: winners B league –Ladies
3rd team: winners D league - Ladies
Bournemouth and District League
Life Vice President – Betty Blunden
Bowls Hampshire
Thornbery Trophy winners –Ladies
New Forest
1st team division 3 runners up -Men
Bournemouth and District
Lilian Lynex trophy winners – Isobel Walker
B and D WBA President – Betty Blunden
Bowl Hampshire
Over 55 pairs area finalist – Janet Emerson, Kathy Smith
Mixed top club area final
New Forest
League winners – ladies
New Forest championship pairs finalists –Janet Ramsay, Jane Seal
New Forest Jubilee triples finalists – Janet Ramsay, Jane Seal, Janet Emerson
New Forest club champions -Ladies
Bournemouth and District league
1st team B&D Division 4 Runners Up – Men
B league winners - Ladies
New Forest
Division 4 runners up – Men
George Sumner cup winners – Brian Taylor, John Waller
Officers cup – Eric Snook
2nd team division 4 runners up -Men
Triples finalists - Jane Seal, Jenny Wilson, Janet Emerson
Bournemouth and District league
B and D WBA pairs finalists – Kathy Smith, Janet Emerson
Bowl Hampshire
Awarded County badge – Pat Jolley
New Forest
Officers cup – Stan Patch
Diamond pairs finalists –Jenny Wilson, Janet Emerson
Jubilee triples finalists – Kathy Smith, Jenny Wilson, Janet Emerson
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